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One of the biggest challenges of the current feed industry is to keep the balance between low feed costs and maintaining product quality. One solution to this can be innovative feed additives that can save the body’s own energy

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We are in MARYGREEN by a team of professionals in the field of, cattle, poultry, swine and Veterinary. It is our goal and objective to create and supply quality additives and nutrition for the animal feed industry as a value proposition.


A wide range of premix and nutritional additives for dairy animals

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Cutting-edge additives/supplements and premixes that enable poultry to perform to genetic potential

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Premixes and additives enabling improved swine performance


Premixes and feed additives to support aquaculture health and productivity


Mary green’s equine supplements provide optimum nutrition for horses

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We are a fully-fledged nutritional supplier producing, premixes, concentrates and feed specialties for our customers

Marygreen Supports Animal Welfare and Animal Health

We understand the importance of performance as in many cases it could mean the difference between profit and loss to our customers.  Refusing to deliver an average quality product, we specialize in complete high-end quality feed additives that guarantee the best protection of your investment, leading to maximum profitability.

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We know our customers' challenges and develop solutions.

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In either case, however, it helps to increase efficiency

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MARYGREEN is among the top innovative companies in Animal Health & Nutrition. We market  Probiotics and yeast-based products that work to promote the well-being of animals. Widely recognized by the performance of its products, develops and markets a range of products all derived from fermentation processes. These natural yeast-based additives contribute to the animal’s health, helping you to get the most from feed and promoting optimal performance.

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